Minecraft Rulez

  • The overall goal for this project is to experiment with community rules. Before each new session groups will meet to detrmine how successful their previous rules have been. They will be able to modify or add rules as needed, so long as the group agrees to the new rule.

  • In addition to experimenting with rules. Each group will select a cooperative construction challenge (see options below).

Class Rules

Minecraft Challenges

  • What problems might arise when working in a group of 6-8 students in the same world? How could your group avoid these problems in the future?
  • What basic rules should your community consider adopting? Why do these rules make sense?
  • How should your community agree to the rules? (Consensus, majority, hidden ballots, etc.)
  • What consequences should be given to students who break the rules? How should your community enforce the rules?
  • What is your favorite rule that another community has adopted that your group has not considered yet?
  • Are some of the rules more important than others? Why or why not?
  • Besides rules, what else makes your community successful? What makes your community less than optimal?